Conferences and Exhibitions

Inside 3D Printing 2020

    Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, join us this Nov. 18 - 20 in Seoul, Korea to see our latest innovative 3D-printers. Look around and try out the new 'LUCA', a compact and versatile 3D Bio-printer. 


     Where breakthrough technology meets business. In Shanghai, Illuminaid presented high-resolution FDM 3D-printing technology, tape-casting ceramic printers, and multi-material versatile 3D-printers that can even be used for bone printing in the medical field. It is always great to to do business and meet new partners.

CES 2018

    Produced by the Consumer Technology Association, CES is a global technology conference. CES 2017, held is Los Vegas, was where Illuminaid proudly displayed the latest version of 'LITHO' and 'LITHO HD' for for customers interested in everyday applications to medical bio 3D-printing.

Nano Korea 2017 Symposium

    'Nano Korea 2017' is the largest nanoscale science & technology symposium in Korea. We were there to actively exchange our ideas on up-to-date nanotechnology with researchers in the field. 

Inside 3D Printing 2014

    Attended the 'Inside 3D printing 2014' Conference and Expo held in Seoul, Korea  to showcase our earliest DLP printer "LITHO". 

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illuminaid inc. is a 3D printing technology-based company devoted to development of Bio 3D-printing. From stents, to food, to ceramics, we aim to provide advanced 3D-printing solutions to aid the idea realization of creative professionals around the world. 

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