3D Bioprinter

  • Mult material extrusion system with multple print heads

  • Modular extruding heads (screw dispensing, syringeextrusion, high temperature extrusion)

  • Temperature adjustable build plate

  • Various viscosity materials can be supported (1~200,000Cp)

  • High precision tip height auto correction for petri sishes and well plates

  • Nozzle tip dry prevention and cleaning system

  • Dynamic precision Z-height control with feedback motion control

  • Real-time motion parameter editable during running the printer

  • Stand-alone system with high-resolution touch UI

  • Small enough to be installed inside a clean bench

  • Atmosphere control chamber

  • Air filtration and compression system

  • UV sterilization chamber and UV curing module

  • Cold temperature control module (-20℃)

  • Medical grade extruder chambePrecision ceramic needle tip

  • 0.1/  0.15  / 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.8mm


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illuminaid inc. is a 3D printing technology-based company devoted to development of Bio 3D-printing. From stents, to food, to ceramics, we aim to provide advanced 3D-printing solutions to aid the idea realization of creative professionals around the world. 

illuminaid, Inc.

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